Our beautiful selection of crystal skull carvings and alien heads for collectors and lovers alike.

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Snowflake Obsidian skull

This guy is awesome… no really. Beautiful grey spotty markings against the rich black he is definitely hard to let go of. 2.0 inch


Selenite skull

We ALL love Selenite around here, perfect for cleansing a space or your prized crystal collection. Pair it with Tourmaline & you’re good to go! This mumma is VERY big at 1.506kg!


Sakura Agate skull

Amazing Sakura Agate skull with gorgeous markings, this guy has a beautiful geode in the side of his jaw which makes him a very unique piece.


Rose Quartz skull

Big Rose Quartz skull with mechanical details in the carving, lovely markings and lines. Approximately 5.0 inch


Red Quartz skull

Lovely Red Quartz skull with striking red line work throughout. Approximately 4.8 inch


Red Hematoid Quartz

Hematoid Quartz is a Quartz which contains Hematite inclusions giving off that beautiful streaky red appearance. This guy is all about balance & amplification.


Howlite skull

Howlite skull carving with amazing grey markings against the crisp white. 0.089g


Green Moss Agate

We love this guy, we reckon he has real character and we’ve nicknamed him Henry! A gorgeous Green Moss Agate skull approximately 3 inch or 7.5cm long weighs approximately 0.400g


Fluorite skull

Gorgeous purple and green Flourite skull, nice crackle looking markings through the top. Approximately 4.8 inch


Charoite skull

830g of A grade Russian charoite. Incredible detailed skull. The only place you will find Charoite is in Siberia & it is considered quite a rare & valuable crystal for this reason. A beautiful patch of Tinaksite is splashed across the right side of the face.


Blue Opal skull

Massive Blue Opal 6.2 inch skull, he is a beauty and so are his markings! The stone is said to be an emotional soother and can enhance communication. This guys weighs in at just over 2.2kg


Blue Lace Agate

A beautiful dreamy piece of Blue Lace Agate crafted into this skull pendant. Amazing line work from all angles. Mounted on black chord. 0.045g