The cleansing energy of Selenite is hard to beat, one we’d recommend for any home or living space.

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XL Selenite rod

Super pretty XL Selenite rod to supercharge your cleansing energy around the house! Weighs just under 1.5kg a beautiful big piece. 40cm in length


XL Selenite generator

SUPER DOOPER XL cleansing Selenite energy in these babies! They are so lush, if we could house them all we would. The perfect edition to the entrance of any home, ensuring the energy is nice and clean. Approx 15cm high.


Selenite Wands

Perfect for use with Massage or for cleansing ceremonies. Selenite is one of those rare crystals that never need cleansing & are able to cleanse other crystals as well!


Selenite tower

Who can go past the cleansing energy of Selenite? Certainly not us. These towers belong at the entrance and main areas of the home. One of these towers will be intuitively chosen for you by one of team. Approximately 15cm high (size will vary slightly)


Selenite Spiral

These are a classic & a staple in all collections, you can never have too many. Want to cleanse your crystal collection use a spiral.. wanna be a unicorn? .. spiral! They measure 100mm


Selenite skull

We ALL love Selenite around here, perfect for cleansing a space or your prized crystal collection. Pair it with Tourmaline & you’re good to go! This mumma is VERY big at 1.506kg!


Selenite pyramid

Ahhhh the beautiful cleansing energy of Selenite… these pyramids are a beautiful addition to any crystal lover’s home. Something about this stone says ‘pure’ and one of these will be intuitively chosen for you. 5 cm


Selenite palm stones

Cleansing and clear Selenite palm stones, beautiful and smooth to hold that’s for sure! One of these babies will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.