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Uruguayan Amethyst heart

This is without a doubt the most lush Amethyst we’ve had in the store! The intense colours are just amazing! This heart is one of our largest in stock.

Out of stock

Rough Amethyst geode

The coolest little rough Amethyst geode, we reckon he looks a little like pac-man! Amethyst is one of the most calming stones out there and can be placed anywhere within the home to get some of its peaceful vibes. This guy weighs approximately 0.320g


Rough Amethyst Geode

Partly polished and partly rough, another unique piece of Amethyst to put somewhere to attract attention in your home. Approximately 0.468g


Rough Amethyst Geode

Such a cool little guy, pretty flat looking but a lovely little open mouth. Approximately 0.524g


Raw Amethyst bracelet

Super stunning are these raw Amethyst bracelets, usually bracelets come in super polished round beads but these… no they’re a little bit different from the rest and we LOVE them! Feel the beautiful calm vibes of Amethyst all day with one of these on your wrist.


Polished Amethyst freeform

Oh wow… that’s it. No more words. Just kidding! We cannot tell you how pretty these high grade Amethyst freeforms are in real life. Gorgeous purple gems!


Chevron Amethyst sphere

The medium sized one of the three, this one has spectacular zig and zag patterning amongst the deep purple Amethyst. Very special! This guy weighs approximately 0.430g


Chevron Amethyst sphere

Another beautiful dark purple example of Chevron or Dream Amethyst. Such lovely patterns and markings with the traditional healing calm vibes of Amethyst. This one is approximately 0.350g


Chevron Amethyst sphere

An absolutely stunning size and patterned sphere, our recent drop have some of the best patterns we’ve seen amongst the dreamy purple colour. This guy weighs approximately 0.860g


Chevron Amethyst sphere

Weighing in at just over 0.300g this Chevron Amethyst sphere has some beautiful markings! Quite dark in colour with beautiful chevron linework.


Chevron Amethyst double

There’s just something about the pattern in Chevron Amethyst that makes us swoon… this gorgeous double terminated point or wand is so beautifully marked. 0.177g