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Unakite Heart

Unakite is a stone for nurturing caring & passion. A powerful healer of the heart & mind. Also great to keep close by if trying for a baby.


Tourmaline in Quartz

The highly protective energy of Black Tourmaline captured in Clear Quartz which is the ultimate amplification crystal. Ultra protective vibes is what we get from these gorgeous hearts. Approximately 0.70g and will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.


Tiger Eye roughs

Lovely dark brown and caramel Tiger Eye roughs, this stone is great for those who are a bit spacey or non-committed and aids in collecting scattered information to bring it allllll together. Roughs vary slightly in size and weight, approximately 0.060g each. One of these babies will be intuitively chosen for you by one of… Read More »Tiger Eye roughs (SML)


Tiger Eye heart

The eye of the tiger... ok we won't start but this heart is VERY pretty, lovely deep brown lines of the gorgeous Tiger Eye stone. Tiger Eye is said to provide clarity, focus and assists in bringing good luck and helps to resolve problems. Weighs approximately 0.080g


Snowflake Obsidian skull

This guy is awesome… no really. Beautiful grey spotty markings against the rich black he is definitely hard to let go of. 2.0 inch


Smoky Quartz skeletal

This guy has sections that are super sparkly, a beautiful piece of naturally formed Smoky Quartz. This piece is approximately 0.142g


Smoky Quartz skeletal

Another beautiful skeletal natural formation of Smoky Quartz, paler in colour a lovely flat piece. Approximately 0.117g


Smoky Quartz skeletal

Smoky Quartz is like no other, the natural formation is just incredible and we’ve sourced some gorgeous pieces. This stuff is the real deal and beautiful quality for the keen crystal lover. This piece is approximately 0.145g


Smoky Quartz rough

A beautiful light coloured Smoky Quartz rough based generator with lovely clarity. Smoky is a highly protective and grounding stone, perfect for any home. This one weighs approximately 0.360g


Smoky Quartz generator

Slightly smaller than the last, this is another BEAUTIFUL Smoky Quartz generator used for protection and grounding. This one weighs approximately 0.200g