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Rose Quartz unicorn

Ok so I wanted to take this one home for myself!!! Who doesn’t love unicorns and who doesn’t love Rose Quartz and THIS my friends is both combined! Such a beautiful one for the collection and it would look perfect in a child’s room on the bedside table or your own!

Out of stock

Rose Quartz spheres

Gorgeous rich pink Rose Quartz spheres, the stone of love and promoting self love these babes bring so much joy. One of these will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.


Rose Quartz sphere

A beautiful soft pink Rose Quartz sphere, some beautiful lines throughout and just perfect for beside the bed. The stone of love, Rose Quartz promotes self love and also romantic love. This piece weighs approximately 0.186g


Rose Quartz skull

Big Rose Quartz skull with mechanical details in the carving, lovely markings and lines. Approximately 5.0 inch


Rose Quartz rough

Super pretty in pink XL Rose Quartz rough, this piece has some beautiful lines within. One big chunk of love really… 2.928g


Rose Quartz palm

Gorgeous soft pink Rose Quartz palm stones, larger size and they feel so nice to hold. One of these love stones will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team. Between 0.265g – 0.305g


Rose Quartz mushrooms

Super sweet little Rose Quartz mushrooms a gorgeous addition to any side table or bedside. They are free standing and one will be intuitively chosen for you. Weights between 0.038g – 0.051g


Rose Quartz Moon

These serene man in the moon carvings are super detailed & would look incredible on your bedside table & added bonus Rose Quartz creates a loving nurturing environment.


Rose Quartz hearts

We have 13 lots of 1kg Rose Quartz Hearts, you can expect to receive 5-9 hearts within your 1kg lot depending on size. Varied sizes and colours included and a 1kg lot will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team. Photographs are an example of what may be received.


Rose Quartz hearts

The stone of love… what better than to have it available to you in a heart shape? We love these little pock size hearts, able to be carried with you or parked on your bedside table. One of these babies will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.


Rose Quartz heart

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.


Rose Quartz Guan

These striking statues are ah-mazing! We had these custom made for us & we can’t get enough the staff have taken some & they fly off the shelves! The peaceful happy face is so sublime! The quality of this rose Quartz is A+ you won’t regret putting this one in your collection.


Rose Quartz generator

Super cute little Rose Quartz generator, a beautiful addition to your bedside table to promote love… can also double up as a ring stand! One of these bundles of cuteness will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.


Rose Quartz generator

XXL Rose Quartz generator… the ultimate sized stone of love. Weighing over 2kg this one is a show stopping piece. 2.611g Approx 38.5cm high


Rose Quartz freeform

Freestanding Rose Quartz freeform with beautiful lines throughout, the ultimate love stone. 0.620g


Rose Quartz donut

Donut’s are a fantastic item to display your most precious spheres however they also turn quite easily into a pendant with the use of some cord. Rose Quartz has always been well known as the stone of love, passion & communication.


Rose Quartz cloud

This is cute af! These cloud carvings sit & display beautifully. Perfect for a windowsill or desk.


Mangano Calcite Angel

I had this piece custom created for South Coast Crystal’s. He is a very large very unique angel who just happens to also be fluorescent under backlight which turns him from soft gentle pink into vibrant neon pink! If you’re looking for something harmonious & loving to embrace your home look no further!


Carnelian generator #1

A beautiful Carnelian generator, this stone is known for sensuality and sexuality as well as a stone for the seekers. This gen weighs approximately 0.175g