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XL Selenite rod

Super pretty XL Selenite rod to supercharge your cleansing energy around the house! Weighs just under 1.5kg a beautiful big piece. 40cm in length


XL Selenite generator

SUPER DOOPER XL cleansing Selenite energy in these babies! They are so lush, if we could house them all we would. The perfect edition to the entrance of any home, ensuring the energy is nice and clean. Approx 15cm high.


Tourmaline in Quartz

The highly protective energy of Black Tourmaline captured in Clear Quartz which is the ultimate amplification crystal. Ultra protective vibes is what we get from these gorgeous hearts. Approximately 0.70g and will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.


Spirit Quartz cluster

A very cute and sparkly Spirit Quartz cluster, very soft lilac tones. 0.072g


Selenite Wands

Perfect for use with Massage or for cleansing ceremonies. Selenite is one of those rare crystals that never need cleansing & are able to cleanse other crystals as well!


Selenite tower

Who can go past the cleansing energy of Selenite? Certainly not us. These towers belong at the entrance and main areas of the home. One of these towers will be intuitively chosen for you by one of team. Approximately 15cm high (size will vary slightly)


Selenite Spiral

These are a classic & a staple in all collections, you can never have too many. Want to cleanse your crystal collection use a spiral.. wanna be a unicorn? .. spiral! They measure 100mm


Selenite skull

We ALL love Selenite around here, perfect for cleansing a space or your prized crystal collection. Pair it with Tourmaline & you’re good to go! This mumma is VERY big at 1.506kg!


Selenite pyramid

Ahhhh the beautiful cleansing energy of Selenite… these pyramids are a beautiful addition to any crystal lover’s home. Something about this stone says ‘pure’ and one of these will be intuitively chosen for you. 5 cm


Selenite palm stones

Cleansing and clear Selenite palm stones, beautiful and smooth to hold that’s for sure! One of these babies will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.


Moss Agate moons

Ok so this one is amongst our favourite stones… Green Moss Agate, the details in it are gorgeous not to mention its energy just screams NATURE. There is beautiful detail in these moons, they fit in the palm just nicely.


Malachite spheres XS

THE CUTEST little baby Malachite spheres there ever was! A stone of letting go, embracing life and transformation a great one for those on the move! One of these cuties will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.

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Malachite generator #4

The sweetest, cutest baby Malachite generator you ever did see. Circle and line work of gorgeous Malachite in baby form. 0.013g


Malachite generator #3

Amazing circular patterning in this little Malachite generator. Truly unique! 0.020g


Malachite generator #2

Another beautiful specimen of Malachite in generator form, gorgeous circle and line work detail. 0.048g


Malachite Generator

A gorgeous example of Malachite, this generator includes stunning line work and circular pattern on one side. 0.096g


Jet tumbles

Jet can be found in England, & is early Jurassic age, approximately 182 million years old! Jet helps to alleviate negative energy and unreasonable fears. It improves control of life, counters mood swings & depression. Jet protects against violence and illness.


Indonesian Red Moss

These Indonesian Red Moss Agate hearts have gorgeous earthy tones of reds and browns. Lovely in the palm or pocket, one of these will be intuitively chosen for you by our team. Approx 0.019g


Green Moss generators

These babes are so cute and unique, each one interesting as all Green Moss Agate is. Beautiful green and white, this stone instills nature into all of us. One of these generators will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team, they are between 6-8cm.


Green Moss Agate

We love this guy, we reckon he has real character and we’ve nicknamed him Henry! A gorgeous Green Moss Agate skull approximately 3 inch or 7.5cm long weighs approximately 0.400g


Green Moss Agate

The cutest little Green Moss Agate roughs, beautiful deep dark green. The stone of all things nature this is great to hang with any plants or things you wish to grow! Roughs vary slightly in size and weight but approximately 0.050g each. One of these babies will be intuitively chosen for you by one of… Read More »Green Moss Agate roughs (XSML)


Green Moss Agate

Gorgeous dark Green Moss Agate roughs, beautiful and the stone of nature keep it close to get back to centre. One of these will be intuitively chosen for you and weigh approximately 0.070g each. Sizes and weights will vary with each piece.