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Rhodonite mask pendant

Gorgeous mask pendant in a lovely piece of Rhodonite.


Rainforest Jasper sphere

A bigger example of the beautiful Rainforest Jasper sphere, this one has deep green and brown tones just like the rainforest floor. Gorgeous, unique markings.


Rainforest Jasper sphere

Such a unique looking stone is Rainforest Jasper and it’s known for happiness and joy. This sphere has beautiful markings with earthy colours.


Mookaite slab #2

Gorgeous soft beige and red tones in this unique Mookaite slab, one of my favourite pieces so far. An Australian stone, Mookaite is fantastic for grounding and has a very earthy feel.


Mookaite slab #1

Rich, vibrant red and yellow tones that are true to the very earthy and grounding stone of Mookaite. An Australian stone and one of our boss lady’s favourites, this slab is a lovely polished piece.


Mookaite roughs (SML)

The earthy grounding Mookaite, beautiful yellow and red ochre tones throughout these small rough pieces. Roughs vary slightly in size and weight, approximately 0.060g each. One of these babies will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.


Mookaite heart #4

Pure yellow dreamy Mookaite goodness, this one has gorgeous line work.


Mookaite heart #3

Beautiful yellow line detail with a slice of deep red up the side, gorgeous Mookaite heart.


Mookaite heart #2

A bit bigger example of the Mookaite hearts, gorgeous deep red tones. Super grounding and earthy.