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Rhodochrosite sphere

Dusty pink with glimpses of grey, this Rhodochrosite sphere has gorgeous markings from any angle. 0.290g in weight

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Rhodochrosite free form

Unusual and again unique this small Rhodochrosite free form is a gorgeous pink with an amazing detail on the front.

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Obsidian snake pendant

Very impressive black Obsidian snake pendant the hole is in the tail which leads the snake downward onto the heart.


Obsidian Moon Face

These serene man in the moon carvings are super detailed & would look incredible on your bedside table & added bonus Obsidian creates a protective & grounded environment.


Malachite spheres XS

THE CUTEST little baby Malachite spheres there ever was! A stone of letting go, embracing life and transformation a great one for those on the move! One of these cuties will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.

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Malachite generator #4

The sweetest, cutest baby Malachite generator you ever did see. Circle and line work of gorgeous Malachite in baby form. 0.013g


Malachite generator #3

Amazing circular patterning in this little Malachite generator. Truly unique! 0.020g


Malachite generator #2

Another beautiful specimen of Malachite in generator form, gorgeous circle and line work detail. 0.048g


Malachite Generator

A gorgeous example of Malachite, this generator includes stunning line work and circular pattern on one side. 0.096g


Kunzite Leaf Pendant

These beautiful lilac Kunzite Leaf Pendants are super delicate looking but are very thick & durable. Kunzite is a Stone of Emotion, opening and connecting the heart to the mind and stimulating a healing communion. Also known to guard against rage.


Garnet sphere #2

A bigger example of the Garnet sphere, deep, rich red with speckle detail. A very solid sphere.