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Smoky Quartz skeletal

This guy has sections that are super sparkly, a beautiful piece of naturally formed Smoky Quartz. This piece is approximately 0.142g


Smoky Quartz skeletal

Another beautiful skeletal natural formation of Smoky Quartz, paler in colour a lovely flat piece. Approximately 0.117g


Smoky Quartz skeletal

Smoky Quartz is like no other, the natural formation is just incredible and we’ve sourced some gorgeous pieces. This stuff is the real deal and beautiful quality for the keen crystal lover. This piece is approximately 0.145g


Smoky Quartz rough

A beautiful light coloured Smoky Quartz rough based generator with lovely clarity. Smoky is a highly protective and grounding stone, perfect for any home. This one weighs approximately 0.360g


Smoky Quartz generator

Slightly smaller than the last, this is another BEAUTIFUL Smoky Quartz generator used for protection and grounding. This one weighs approximately 0.200g


Smoky Quartz generator

The lovely protective and grounding vibes of Smoky Quartz are evident in this beautiful piece, nice and dark. Weighs approximately 0.554g


Smoky Quartz flame

Lovely clear Smoky Quartz flame with beautiful internal details, a truly grounding stone and one for everyone to have within the home. This flame sits flat and weighs approximately 0.540g


Smoky Quartz cloud

This is cute af! These cloud carvings sit & display beautifully. Perfect for a windowsill or desk.


Smoky Mooralla

These little babies are probably my fav smoky Quartz. Most are lustrous with dts or enhydro’s. Smoky Quartz is a fantastic crystal for grounding & protection. This size is around 15mm-20mm

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Smoky Elestial Generator

These brazilian Smoky Elestial Generators are absolutely breathtaking! A grade quality some even have enhydro’s! Smoky Quartz is a highly protective & grounding stone.


Malachite spheres XS

THE CUTEST little baby Malachite spheres there ever was! A stone of letting go, embracing life and transformation a great one for those on the move! One of these cuties will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.

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Malachite generator #4

The sweetest, cutest baby Malachite generator you ever did see. Circle and line work of gorgeous Malachite in baby form. 0.013g


Malachite generator #3

Amazing circular patterning in this little Malachite generator. Truly unique! 0.020g


Malachite generator #2

Another beautiful specimen of Malachite in generator form, gorgeous circle and line work detail. 0.048g


Malachite Generator

A gorgeous example of Malachite, this generator includes stunning line work and circular pattern on one side. 0.096g


Labradorite wand

Nicely polished Labradorite wand, lovely to hold in the hand. Approx 13cm


Labradorite sphere

Labradorite the stone used to help in manifestation within our lives. This sphere has a beautiful blue flash with touches of gold. 0.629g


Labradorite shells

WOW… Just WOW! The flash in these is SUPER amazing, these Labradorite shells are so special and a great palm size. Known as the crystal for the ‘seeker’ it promotes optimism and points you towards your inner self to ask what is it you really want? One of these beautiful babies will be intuitively chosen… Read More »Labradorite shells


Labradorite ring

Sterling silver Labradorite ring, statement piece with beautiful purple flash. 19mm wide on the inside. 0.009g


Labradorite polished faced

We have 4 lots of 1kg Labradorite roughs with one polished side, you can expect to receive 8-12 pieces within your 1kg lot depending on size. Varied sizes and colours included and a 1kg lot will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team. Photographs are an example of what may be received.


Labradorite pendant

Nothing like a Labradorite for that pretty flash. lovely statement piece pendant that would look lovely on black cord or silver chain. 0.012g


Labradorite moon

Mr Moon shaped Labradorite, beautiful to hold in the hand and equipped with some blue and green flash. 0.504g


Labradorite hearts

Beautiful flashy Labradorite hearts, such lovely colour and a nice size. One of these will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.