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Rhodonite sphere

Gorgeous pink and black Rhodonite sphere with lovely detail, it’s hard to go past this pretty pink! This piece weighs approximately 0.430g


Rhodonite pendant

Pretty in pink Rhodonite pendant, known for harmony, as well as loving and accepting people for who they truly are. 0.012g


Rhodonite palm stones

Beautifully black and pink traditional Rhodonite palm stones, it’s hard to part with these guys as they fit so nicely in hand. One of these palm stones will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team.


Rhodonite mask pendant

Gorgeous mask pendant in a lovely piece of Rhodonite.

Out of stock

Rhodonite generator

This Rhodonite is absolutely next level! The pink and black details are just so striking in these pieces, certainly lovely! A stone for love, Rhodonite is for anyone and everyone. This piece weighs approximately 0.180g


Rhodonite egg

Who doesn’t love this stone, the pink and grey tones are so dreamy. Lovely egg shape to compliment any collection.


Pink Tourmaline roughs

Aome very beautiful raw pink tourmaline in matrix. Pink Tourmaline is the stone of love compassion & emotional healing. If you get a anxiety around all the peoples keep a piece close by for some relief.


Pink Tourmaline palm

Very pretty Pink Tourmaline palm stones with beautiful markings, deep rich pink and fit nicely in your hand. One of these will be intuitively chosen for you by one of our team. Size and weigh may slightly vary.

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Pink Tourmaline heart

We’re crushing a little bit on Pink Tourmaline at the moment, this heart is just gorgeous and a nice size to fit in the hand. Beautiful pink speckled markings. 0.239g


Pink Tourmaline generator

Lovely flecks of pink through this Pink Tourmaline generator. Stands at approximately 9cm tall.


Peruvian Rhodonite tumbles

These are the most beautiful pink tumbles with splashes of black and white, gorgeous Peruvian Rhodonite! A stone to provide emotional balance and nurtures love, one of these little babes will be intuitively chosen for you.


Moss Agate moons

Ok so this one is amongst our favourite stones… Green Moss Agate, the details in it are gorgeous not to mention its energy just screams NATURE. There is beautiful detail in these moons, they fit in the palm just nicely.