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Sodalite tealight holder

There is nothing more beautiful than a deep blue piece of Sodalite, even better in the functioning form of a tea light holder. This guy weighs close to 0.900g and will look lovely in any home, the stone that will help unite logic and brings information down from the highest of sources. Also a perfect… Read More »Sodalite tealight holder


Ocean Jasper dish

A beautiful heavy brown/red Ocean Jasper dish or shallow bowl, BEAUTIFUL detail and contrasting white speckles throughout. Definitely a show piece for the home this one! Super grounding energy especially with the colour scheme. 14cm in length and approximately 8.5cm in width weighing just under 1kg


Ocean Jasper bowl

A beautiful deep rich red Ocean Jasper bowl, this one is so special with the slight speckle detail. Anyone who gets one of these bowls won’t be disappointed and there are only one or two left. This one measures approximately 12.5cm across.

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Ocean Jasper bowl

Nearly kept this for ourselves too… gorgeous detail and colouring in this BEAUTIFUL Ocean Jasper bowl. Any crystal lover knows Ocean Jasper is one of the rarer ones on the market. This guy weighs just over 0.700g

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Ocean Jasper bowl

One of our larger Ocean Jasper bowls, beautiful spotted details of the Ocean Jasper and gorgeous marking through the middle. Truly unique piece, approximately 16cm long and weighs just over 1kg.


Ocean Jasper bowl

Ok so I didn’t want to put this one up for sale… a gorgeous round Ocean Jasper bowl, perfect for some little tumbles to sit in on a side table. Approximately 12.5cm across and weighs 0.669g


Mookaite heart #3

Beautiful yellow line detail with a slice of deep red up the side, gorgeous Mookaite heart.


Mangano Calcite bowl

Mangano Calcite is such a soft and beautiful stone, dreamy light pink in colour these bowls are the perfect solution to hold your small tumble collection at bedtime. One of these will be intuitively chosen for you. Approximately 7.5cm


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Engraved Chakra Sets

These Palmstone sets are comprised of each of the 7 chakras & each stone facilitates a specific chakra ie Lapis is for the throat chakra. These are great to use during Reiki!

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Dragon Septarian bowl

A really really beautiful example of the earthy, grounding Dragon Septarian. This bowl could be used as a shallow tumble bowl or even just as a feature piece on the coffee table. It’s pretty spectacular and weighs just over 1kg


Dragon Septarian bowl

Such a lovely Dragon Septarian bowl, very grounding, earthy tones. Perfect as a bowl to hold your tumbles or jewellery. 1.012g