You know that one time, wayyyy back when that you found that piece of a lifetime you can’t forget? Well this is them… extra special babies, whether it be a feature piece for your home or a unique one of a kind that you HAVE to have.

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Rose Quartz Moon

These serene man in the moon carvings are super detailed & would look incredible on your bedside table & added bonus Rose Quartz creates a loving nurturing environment.


Rose Quartz Guan

These striking statues are ah-mazing! We had these custom made for us & we can’t get enough the staff have taken some & they fly off the shelves! The peaceful happy face is so sublime! The quality of this rose Quartz is A+ you won’t regret putting this one in your collection.


Rose Quartz generator

XXL Rose Quartz generator… the ultimate sized stone of love. Weighing over 2kg this one is a show stopping piece. 2.611g Approx 38.5cm high


Red Super 7

I can’t believe I’m putting this online… I want it for myself! Gorgeous elestial formations on this Red Super 7, something we DO NOT get in very often and is quite the collectors piece. Weighs approximately 0.570g


Pink Amethyst freeform

Amazing pale Pink Amethyst freeform geode, very unique colour with lots of sparkle. Very feminine piece. 1.170g


Natural elestial Citrine

The answer is YES… this is a Natural Elestial Citrine point, not the fake stuff you see these days. Citrine is known as a stone for prosperity and happiness. This is one we don’t get in very often at all. This one weighs 0.077g


Mangano Calcite Angel

I had this piece custom created for South Coast Crystal’s. He is a very large very unique angel who just happens to also be fluorescent under backlight which turns him from soft gentle pink into vibrant neon pink! If you’re looking for something harmonious & loving to embrace your home look no further!

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Carribean Calcite generator

This piece is EPIC! Amazing geode details in the oceanic looking Carribean Calcite… this one is certainly a show piece and should be kept somewhere prominent in your home! Stands approximately 12.5cm tall.

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Black Amethyst freeform

WOWZER… this one is such a feature piece, beautiful, dazzling Black Amethyst free standing freeform piece. Weighing in at just over 0.700g


Amethyst elestial specimen

This is certainly a very unique and beautiful piece, very soft lilac Amethyst in elestial formation. A feature piece for your home for sure! There are some beautiful little slight black spotty inclusions which just makes it even more unusual. Weighing in at just over 2kg.


Amethyst angel wing

Now THIS is a beautiful piece, an angel wing which symbolises to us freedom, being given your wings. What better than to have it in a beautiful glittery purple Amethyst? NOTHING. A lovely piece for the bedside table to utilise the calming effect of Amethyst but also as a reminder of your wings!