There’s just something about the shape of a crystal egg, it’s beautiful to have and to hold.

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Red Quartz egg

This Red Quartz egg is so beautiful! Some little rainbows in there with lovely deep red line work. He weighs just over 0.270g


Red Quartz egg

This beautiful little Red Quartz egg has epic rainbows and a high quality polish, a lovely piece to hold in hand and a unique shape.


Polychrome Jasper egg

Now this one is pretty awesome, a lovely polished finish with beautiful watercolour markings of Polychrome Jasper in egg shape formation.


Grape Agate egg

Grape Agate is AMAZING, the form is literally like little tiny itty bitty purple grapes! This egg shape specimen has beautiful little bit of glitter and is just so unique, if you don’t have a piece of this in your collection we recommend it if only just for the unique form it takes. This piece… Read More »Grape Agate egg

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Garnierite egg #1

Garnierite also known as Green Moonstone, has gorgeous minty green colouring mixed with grey. A beautiful unique egg.


Garnierite egg

If you’re like us you will also love the beautiful green and grey of Garnierite AKA Green Moonstone! Such an awesome egg shape with minty green.