Focus on Flourite

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Flourite is just one of those stones that we think is severely underrated by crystal lovers! No only are the colours found is Flourite absolutely beautiful but its metaphysical properties are also of value to any of us looking for crystal healing. The typical Flourite pieces you’ll find are a mix of green and purple, they’re probably the most common, however this stone comes in a myriad of colour including yellow, brown and clear.

The stone is said to be highly protective on a psychic level, as well as being able to protect us from electromagnetic fields. A definite bonus and one to keep in mind for the living room close to the television or within the office space against computer screens, lap tops and the like. In addition to the above, it’s a great one to overcome disorganisation, improving progress and is a great for learning. In case you didn’t hear us… hello… office, study!

All in all, not only is this stone beautiful to look at but has a whole plethora of healing properties (trust us we’ve only named a few). Flourite is also a stone for Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn. A hot tip, back light your Flourite and you’ll see it in a whole new perspective, being a translucent stone, the colours are EPIC when backlit by the sun or light. Shop Flourite in our Inspiration section.

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