3 Crystals of love

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The world can never do with enough love, wouldn’t you agree? It makes the world go round… that feeling you get when you’re totally at peace with yourself or someone else whether it be romantic love or self love. We reckon it’s something to celebrate so we thought we’d include some of our favourite crystals for seeking love, being open to love, gifting to your love or self love. No matter what it is, these guys are pretty either way!

Rose Quartz

No surprises here! Rose Quartz is the ultimate crystal of love and one of our age old favourites. One for helping you to identify love that might already be in your life and opens your heart to gratitude helping love to continue throughout your life. Shop our range of Rose Quartz


Not many think of this one when it comes to love but it’s true, Rhodochrosite is also one for bringing the love into your life. It opens the heart to receiving and giving love and promoting unconditional love. It’s a lot deeper pink in colour than our friend Rose Quartz and has the most amazing line work in some pieces. Shop Rhodochrosite

Pink Opal

As well as our friend Rhodochrosite, Pink Opal isn’t known to many others as a stone that will help you in the love department BUT alas, it will. Known for its ability to heal the heart in regards to emotional matters this guy is one that can help you regain from a previous hurt and re-connect with love. Shop this Pink Opal sphere

Well there you have it folks, you probably knew about Rose Quartz but we’re guessing maybe not about the other two! What a coincidence that they’re all pink hey?! Wishing you all of the loving feels, take care from the South Coast Crystals crew 🙂

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