difficult times call for crystals

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It’s no secret that what’s going on in the world at the moment has got us feeling a little uneasy and restless. Working from home, managing kids learning from home, balancing our relationships with loved ones whilst confined to our homes… we get it, it can be a little much sometimes! There are a few crystals that are not as commonly known that can help in assisting some of these situations, keeping them close by and just drawing on their energy when you need it. We’ve picked just three out of the many many gorgeous stones that can help in times like these.


This beautiful minty green goodness is not only soothing to look at, Amazonite is a stone of harmony. If you believe your family might be feeling the pinch and things are getting strained, Amazonite may be able to help get the harmony back into your family relationships while you’re all at home together. Shop all Amazonite

Tiger Eye

In times like these we all need a bit of positivity, it’s so easy to go into a state of negativity when things around us are turbulent and unstable. However, never fear… Tiger Eye is one of the stones known for uplifting energy, helping you to rise above negative situations which is great if you’re feeling like you’re in a bit of a funk. Shop all Tiger Eye

Leopard Skin Jasper

A unique looking stone this one surprised us when we read up that it could assist with patience. During a difficult time, often patience is key and Leopard Skin Jasper can assist with that especially when life is becoming a little overwhelming. It’ll bring you back to basics, also we learned it to be great for enhancing communication with your kitty cat (surprise surprise). Shop Leopard Skin Jasper tumbles

Again, stay safe and thanks for reading. Lots of love from the South Coast Crystals team!

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