SCC Team’s top crystal picks

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We’re all chasing those happy vibes and it’s fair to say we all have our favourites when it comes to crystals. They’re the ones we’re most drawn to when we enter a space, we tend to keep picking up the same one each time. Whether it be the metaphysical properties of that particular stone you’re drawn or you just love the colour, shape or form, there’ll be a reason you keep going back.

When we thought about it, we agreed it was a good idea to share with you what our personal favourites are and why. There are a few of us on the team now and it was quite interesting to hear the what and the why… especially from our boss lady.


Our chief packer and skull collector has a surprising amount of favourites… he couldn’t pick just one. Andy is a lover of Smoky Quartz scepters and fensters as number one, however certain types of Agate and Ocean Jasper came in a close second and third. We’ve included some pics of the pieces in his private collection below…


Tan picks all her crystals on the way they make her feel, which is why is why she chose Amethyst as her top pick. She’s always had it call to her from day one and has collected many pieces from caves to one off pieces given to her by some special people in her life. Her second love was Carribean Calcite, one that gives her all the calm vibes especially with the colour of this crystal. She keeps her Carribean Calcite on her bedside table deeming it the perfect solution to create relaxing vibes.


Now Nat has three favourites she’d love to share. The first one is Labradorite, she’s a visual girl and says the flashes of blue, green, orange and gold draw her attention. On a metaphysical level though it was a winner because it opens up to psychic abilities, helps to unblock the throat chakra allowing us to speak and uncover our true self making it a very versatile stone.
Mookaite was next on the list, she chose this for the earthy tones which helps her to keep grounded, centered and connected to self. Lastly, Nat chose Carnelian, this was one of the very first crystals she was drawn to, she loves that it is a great stone for clarity and motivation to overcome procrastination.


How about we start with… everything she sees! Just kidding, the top three would have to be Apophyllite, this is kept in many areas of her home for the ‘calm your farm’ properties and also because the form can be quite amazing, green Apophyllite is the ultimate fave. Secondly Ocean Jasper, this stone is so unique no one piece is the same and like us humans it has its many different qualities. Lastly, Botswana Agate… this stone feels like the ultimate feminine, the soft pink and grey tones are so beautiful, not to mention the line work.


Last of all, boss lady! Her two favourite friends are Selenite and Tourmaline. Why Selenite you ask? Well, she loves the variation of colours and forms that this beauty comes in from vibrant greens to yellow and oranges, the structure of it has always fascinated her as well as the cleansing energy. When we asked her about Tourmaline, she told us one of her first ever pieces was Tourmaline (and not the glossy polished stuff) and it’s stuck with her for years, the grounding and protective energy the stone gives off is why she keeps it close. Quite often Tourmaline will be mixed with mica which is also fantastic for depression or anxiety.

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